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Automatic Transplanting Machine

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About SuperPlanter

SuperPlanter - Revolutionary High Output  Automatic Transplanting Machine

  •  Large capacity

  •  Suitable for industrial, large -scale planting of vegetables, grains, field crops and for

       extracting biofuel

  • Advanced high performance solution for large farms and agribusiness

  • Covers the entire supply chain

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Nissan Kafri

Founder & CTO

farmer with ‘boots on the ground’, Nissan
invented and developed the SUPERplanter™
prototype with the assistance of the Agricultural
Research Organization, Volcani Center and the
Ministry of Economy and Industry.

Reli Harel

Co Founder, CEO & CM

B.Sc. in Agricultural Economy & MBA. Established
and manages several private companies around
the world, Extensive experience managing public
institutions in the fields of agriculture and retail

Elad Etgar

Professional Advisors

Technical & Engineering Advisor

Experience of over 25 years in agricultural
machinery specializing in developing customized
solutions for mechanized harvesting.

Gad Elasar

Professional Advisors

Agrobotanic-Nursery Consultant

BSc. and MSc. in Agriculture from the Hebrew
University of Jerusalem and the Faculty of Agriculture
in Rehovot, specializing in vegetable crops. More than
50 years in farming and agribusiness.
For the last 27 years, Joint Partner at Hishtil Nurseries
Former CEO of HAZERA Seeds Co.
Former Head of R&D and Agro Professional Division,
and of International Joint Ventures, Hishtil.

Engineering Partners

Ofek 360

Natan Engineering


Engineering Partners

The Team

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